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Boeing 717

No. Of Engines:2
Aircraft Type:Jet
Passenger Capacity (Max):106
Range (in Miles):2,060
Cruising Speed (MPH):504
Takeoff Weight (in Lbs):121,000
Body Type:
Cabin Type:pressurized

The 717-200 is one of the newest members of the Boeing commercial jet airplane family. Introduced to the world in October 1995, the Boeing 717-200 twinjet is a 21st century airplane. The environmentally friendly 717-200 brings full-size jetliner comfort, low operating costs, and high schedule reliability to short-haul markets worldwide.

William E. Boeing produced his fist two B&Ws (a single- engine seaplane) in 1916 and the following year, the U.S. Navy ordered 50 of Boeings next model (the two- seat model C trainer)to serve in in World War I. Boeing continued to make airplanes, both commercial and military, producing such famous models as the Pan American "Clipper" flying boat and the "Stratoliner" (first pressurized cabin). became an integral part of the allied effort by building the B-17 and B29 bombers.

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