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Former airline websites

These websites were part of the early history of Airlines of the Web going back as far as 1994. They were among the first airline websites on the web. However, they are no more. Many of them were pulled down even before the internet archive had a chance to archive them. Don't expect any of these links to work! This is for historical purposes only!

  • 40 Mile Air Service - Alaska remote wilderness fly-in, drop off, caribou hunts
  • ASA Aerospace - Adventure oriented Air France carrier located in Switzerland
  • Above It All - Air Tours of the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Acadian Air Medical Services
  • Advanced Radar Systems Engineering, Inc. - Maintenance
  • Aero Pass (Aero Costa Rica) - Frequent flyer program
  • Aeroperu - Peru based international carrier
  • Aerosoft
  • AeroThrust Corporation - Aeromotive and Maintenance
  • Air Adventures - Mill Valley, CA based air tours
  • Air American
  • Air Canada - Air Canada's Los Angeles information
  • Air Care Team - Medical Air Transport
  • Air Comores - former Africa based carrier
  • Air Crew Aviation Links
  • Air France - Paris based international and domestic service
  • Air Greece - Another Air Greece page
  • Air India - India based domestic carrier
  • Air Kauai - Kauai, Hawaii based helicopter tours
  • Air Macau - Macau based airline
  • Air Namibia - Windhoek based international carrier
  • Air New Zealand (Official Site) - New Zealand's flag carrier
  • Air New Zealand HOTPAC - worldwide accomodation for Air NZ passengers
  • Air New Zealand Flight Operations Crew Training - basic training to B737, B767 and B747 type ratings
  • Air Ostrava
  • Air Pacific - Fiji based international carrier
  • Air Pacific - Fiji based international carrier
  • Air South
  • Airborne Express
  • AirShow, Inc.
  • Alaska Airlines - Seattle based international carrier's Genealogy
  • Alexander's Inn
  • All Star Helicopters - North Andover, MA based helicopter flight school
  • Alliance Airline - owned by Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa
  • Aloha Airlines - Info on Aloha's 1988 airframe incident
  • America West Airlines - An unofficial America West site
  • American Eagle - American Airlines commuter affiliate
  • American Trans Air - US Based Charter carrier
  • Ameristar Jet Charter, Inc.
  • Ansett Australia (Gopher page)
  • Asiana Airlines - Korea based international carrier
  • Asiana Airlines (Official Site) - Korea based international carrier
  • Atlantic Coast Airlines - A Washington D.C. based United Express carrier
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines, The Delta Conn. - Delta Airlines commuter affiliate
  • Australia's Tourist Radio
  • AVIALL Distribution Services - Maintenance
  • Aviators Software
  • Aviaco - Domestic Spanish charter
  • Avionics Systems Associates
  • Awood Air - British Columbia based scheduled and charter service
  • BWIA - Airline of the British West Indies
  • Babin Air Scenic Flights
  • Baja AirWest Express - Commuter airline operating in SW USA and NW MEX.
  • Bettles Air - Brooks Range, Alaska based lodge fly in and wilderness tours
  • BizEx, The Delta Connection - Delta Airlines commuter affiliate
  • British Airways (Unofficial Site) UK based international carrier
  • Business Aircraft Sales
  • Business Jet Charter - North American based private jet charter
  • Canada 3000 Airlines - Canada's largest charter carrier
  • Canada 3000 Airlines - Canada's largest charter carrier
  • Canadian Airlines International (Unofficial Site) - Canadian based inter./domestic serv.
  • Carib Express (Official Site) - Barbados based British Airways affiliate
  • Castle Air - UK based aerial filming charters
  • Chicago Express Airlines - Midway based regional carrier
  • Columbia Aircraft Sales
  • Comair - South Africa based carrier
  • Continental Airlines (Unofficial Site) - US based inter/domestic serv.
  • Continental Airlines (Unofficial Site) - Info on Continental in the UK
  • Continental Airlines (Unofficial Site) - Info on Business First
  • Corporate Angel Network - Air medical network
  • Corporate Jet Sales
  • Creekwood Airways - Missouri based charter carrier
  • Cyprus Turkish Airlines - North Cyprus airline
  • Cyprus Airways - Cyprus based international carrier
  • Cyprus Turkish Airlines Frequent Flyer
  • DVC Corporation - Travel related site
  • Delta Air Lines - Info on the codeshare with Virgin Atlantic
  • Delta Air Lines - Technical Operations Center (TOC)
  • Delta Connection - Delta Airlines commuter affiliates
  • Desert Sun Airlines (dba America West Express)
  • Dornier - A subsidiary of DASA and Daimler-Benz
  • Dragonair
  • Emirates - The International Airline of the United Arab Emirates
  • Emirates - The International Airline of the United Arab Emirates
  • Evergreen Helicopter, Inc. - Manufacturer/supplier
  • Federal Express Airline Pilots Association
  • Finnair (Tokyo Office) - The Finnish flag mcarrier's Tokyo office
  • Finnair Plus - Frequent flyer program
  • Florida Gulf Airlines (dba USAir Express)
  • Folsom's Air Service - Maine based charter carrier
  • Freedom Air International - carrier operating between NZ and AUS
  • Frontier Aircraft Kits - Airframe
  • Frontier Airlines (2nd Site) - Denver based domestic carrier
  • Golden West - San Diego based carrier
  • Grob Aircraft
  • Gulfstream International - Bahamas service
  • Gulfstream International Airlines - Bahamas service
  • Helicopters International - Helicopter training and rentals based in Spring, TX
  • Heloair
  • Honeywell Commericial Aviation Systems
  • Iberia Airlines - The Spanish flag carrier mservice in Montreal
  • Iberia Airlines - Another Iberia site
  • Iberia Plus (2nd site) - Frequent flyer program
  • Indian Airlines - India based major airline
  • Infinity Technology
  • Interworld Airlines - A virtual airline
  • Interworld Airlines - (Additional Site)
  • Iran Air - Iran's flag carrier
  • Island Air of Kodiak - Kodiak Alaska based wilderness service
  • Island Hopper - San Diego based charter
  • Ăslandsflug (Icebird limited)
  • Japan Air System (in English) - Japanese carrier
  • Japan Airlines - Japan based domestic and international service
  • Jet-Age Productions
  • Jetstream - A virtual airline
  • Jet Airways
  • Kenya Airways - Kenya's national carrier
  • Korean Air - Korea's flag carrier
  • KLM - The Royal Dutch national carrier
  • LOK-Duncan Aviation - Czech FBO
  • LOT Polish Airline - Poland's national carrier schedules
  • LSG Skychefs
  • Labusch Skywear
  • Ladeco - Chile based international carrier
  • Ladeco PassClub - Frequent flyer program
  • Lake Winnipeasaukee Seaplane Services
  • Lan Chile - Chile based international carrier
  • Lancair
  • Liberty Express (dba USAir Express)
  • London Hospital Emergency Air Service
  • Lufthansa - Lufthansa Swedish site
  • Lufthansa (Swedish Site) - Another Lufthansa site
  • Lufthansa (Austrian Site) - Another Lufthansa site
  • Lufthansa (Unofficial Site) - A UK based Lufthansa site
  • Luxair - the national airline of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg*
  • MESA Air Group
  • Maersk Air (Official Site) - Denmark based British Airways affiliate
  • Malaysia Airlines (2nd Site) - Malaysia's international airline
  • Malm× Aviation - Swedish regional operator
  • Mandarin Airlines (Official Site) - Taipei based carrier
  • Markair - Alaska based regional carrier went bankrupt in 1995
  • Midas Hot Links: Transportation
  • Mountain West Airlines - (dba Mesa Airlines/ United Express/ America West Express)
  • Northern Aircraft, Inc. - Reseller
  • Northern Airways - Boston based charter service
  • Northern Airways - Second site
  • Northwest Airlines - US based international and domestic service
  • O & M Quest - Overhaul & Maintenance Broking Service
  • Old Lake City - European virtual airline
  • Pan American World Airways, Inc. - The new Pan Am
  • Parry Sound Air
  • Pat's Alaskan Fishing and Flightseeing - Alaskan wilderness flights and tours
  • Pelican Express - Florida based flight training
  • Philippine Airlines - Philippine international carrier
  • Point Internet Survey
  • Presidential Airlines (Unofficial Site) - Presidential's unofficial web site
  • Prestige Airways - Service to the Virgin Islands from Washington D.C. and Miami
  • Proflight - Medical Air Transport
  • Reno Airlines (Unofficial Site) - US West Coast regional jet carrier
  • Resort Air - Block Island, Rhode Island based charter service
  • Rocky Mountain Airlines
  • Royal Air - Montreal based carrier
  • Royal Orchard Plus (Thai International)
  • Ryanair - Ireland based, low cost airline
  • Sabena (Unofficial Site) - Belgium's flag carrier
  • San Antonio Airport
  • San Francisco Seaplane Tours - The name says it all
  • Saudia - Saudia Arabia's national carrier
  • Scenic Air Tours
  • Seaplane Charters
  • Sempati Airlines - Jakarta based international carrier
  • Sempati Airlines - Jakarta based international carrier
  • Singapore Airlines - Singapore's flag carrier
  • Singapore Airlines - Singapore's flag carrier's Canadian offices
  • Skyward Aviation - Oak Harbor, WA based flight school
  • Skywest, The Delta Connection - Delta Airlines commuter affiliate
  • South Africa Airlink - South Africa based ATR service
  • SouthernSkies - North Carolina based point to point carrier
  • Southwest Airlines - Unofficial site
  • Southwest Florida Air
  • Starship Airlines - A future premium U.S. airline
  • - Check United mileage online (others to come soon)
  • Sunair Express - US based virtual airline
  • Sunjet International - US domestic service
  • Swissair Schedules - Schedules for the Swiss flag carrier
  • TWA - US Based international and domestic service
  • TWA - TWA's restructuring information
  • TWA - Yet another unofficial TWA site
  • TWA - Picture of the new TWA paint scheme
  • Tailwind International
  • Tal Air Charters
  • Tarom Romanian Air - Romainian international service
  • Texas Air Aces - If you've ever dreamed of flying Air Combat....
  • Thai Airways International - Thailand's flag carrier
  • Trail Ridge Air - Alaska based flightseeing, hunting, and fishing
  • Travel Hotlinks
  • Uganda Airlines - Uganda's national carrier
  • Unicorn Club - ADC's frequent flyer program
  • United Airlines Mileage Plus(r)
  • United Airlines Seating Maps - Seating maps for the U.S. based international and domestic service carrier
  • ValuJet - An unofficial ValuJet site
  • Vanguard Airlines - Regional US Point to Point carrier
  • Vintage Airways - Florida based DC-3 charters
  • Voyager (South African Airways) - Frequent flyer program
  • Westair Commuter Airlines, Inc.
  • Western Pacific Airlines (Reservations) - Reservations for Western Pacific Airlines
  • Winward Islands Airways International - St. Maarten based carrier