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Fare Bucket Class and Seat Availability

Special welcome to Flyertalk members!

These resources are provided to assist you in finding availability of specific fare classes or specific seats - particularly useful for finding upgrade space or special fare availability.

Free Tools

  • City Code Help - Provides a handy guide to the 3 letter airport codes of those hard to reach airports. You can search the list by pressing Control-F once it has loaded.

  • ITA Software Classic Matrix Tool - This tool allows you to search for fares in different sales cities so that you can accurately plan purchases in any city around the world. Additionally it has an undocumented feature that allows you to specify specific fare buckets. If you want to, for instance, search for A bucket availability on the HKG-JFK route on Cathay Pacific you would enter the search as From: HKG:: cx+ / f bc=a and To: JFK:: cx+ / f bc=a. You can substitute the "cx" with the proper airline code for the airline you wish to check, and substitute the "bc=a" with "bc=X" where X is the fare bucket you wish to check. If you wish to check multiple booking-codes and not place any restriction on the airline format the request as JFK::/ f bc=x|bc=y|bc=z to check the x, y, and z buckets. Another undocumented feature is the ability to request multiple segments on specific carriers (useful for mileage runs). If you want to travel from Los Angeles to New York and take 4 American Airlines segments, you would enter the departure city as LAX::AA AA AA AA and the destination city as JFK::AA AA AA AA. This will search for a 4 segment connection in each direction on AA. You can also force connections in specific cities. So, for instance, if you wanted to connect in STL from LAX to JFK on American Airlines you would enter the departure city as LAX::AA STL AA and the destination city as JFK::AA STL AA You can find the syntax by clicking "advanced routing codes" and then clicking on the little question mark next to the routing codes box. There is also a useful discussion of how to use this tool to the fullest on Flyertalk.

  • SeatGuru - This tool allows you to get a review of which seat to select on many major carriers.

  • Mileage Monkey - This tool provides several sub-tools that allow easy construction and validation of Oneworld Explorer RTW tickets, as well as calculate the number of miles needed for a frequent flyer award. It also provides a very convenient method of calculating total miles for a multiple city trip.

  • ExpertFlyer Award Bucket List - Provides the airline by airline breakdown of award bucket codes to help search for award space by fare bucket code.

  • Air Fare - Lists mileage run fares from various North American cities.

  • Kayak Explore Map - Mileage run maps with lowest fares from various departure cities.

  • Airport Departure Mileage Run Fare Search - Search for lowest fares from a given departure airport to get ideas for mileage runs.

  • Google Flights - Enter your home airport and get a map of lowest fares to major markets.

  • Fare Compare - Shows listings of best current and historical fares from your departure point both in a list and graphically on a map.

  • Farecast - Predicts future price changes in specific market pairs in an attempt to help purchase timing decisions.

  • KVS Availability Tool - Downloadable availability checker that requires registration. Some options are membership based. Offers class availability, upgrade availability, and other data from the global reservation systems. Details of registration procedure can be found on Flyertalk.

  • FlightStats - Offers a variety of flight status data, on time data, etc.

  • - Paid service which provides class availability, upgrade availability, and other data from the global reservation systems.

  • - Compares mileage requirements across a wide variety of frequent flier programs to figure out which award can most reasonably help you grab a free leg.

  • Webflyer Milemarker - Calculate air mileage between two locations. Includes calculations for elite bonuses, class of service bonuses, and minimum segment mileage.